Paleng – Place of Stories

Every Child a Reader

At Paleng our dream is for every young rural child to have access to books to read. Picture storybooks in their mother tongue. Books that are about their own lives and contexts. Books that help to reinforce what is learned at school. Books that spark interest and give pleasure. Books that speak to their intelligence, imagination, and sense of fun. Books that support every child’s right to be literate.

Our dream is that our bilingual picture storybooks will find children everywhere who will love them and keep them to read to their own children one day. Our dream is that our books and the work that we do with them will help to build and sustain a culture of reading in rural communities.

Who We Are

Paleng is a non-profit organisation focusing on supporting the acquisition of literacy among children in marginalised rural communities in southern Africa. Founded in 2015, the Paleng Children’s Centre, a children’s library and play centre in rural Lesotho, was the beginning of the Paleng – Place of Stories journey. Still running our library, we now work in Lesotho and South Africa.

Learn more about our origins and our mission

What We Do

Our Books

Our team has produced 12 bilingual books for young rural children of different ages.

Book Festivals

We put books directly into the hands of children, primarily through our Book Festivals.

Library Development

We help schools and other centres set up their own in-house libraries for children.

Watch this short clip about our Book Festivals to get a sense of what Paleng is all about.