Paleng Angels

Our current network of people who help us get books and other resources to where they need to be are spread across Lesotho.
Our Paleng Angels, as we call them, are:

  • Sister Theresa George from the Stephen Ferrando Centre and Special School, Maputsoe, who works with local Primary schools, as well as the Bishop of her diocese in the District of Leribe.
  • The Network of Early Child Development of Lesotho (NECDOL) run by ‘M’e Shoeshoe.
  • The Soup and Skills programme run by Meri Hyöky of The Hub project at the Morija Museum.
  • ‘M’e Rethabile Lipholoana, the social worker from St. Camillus orphanage and OVC Centre in Mohale’s Hoek, who also works with the local Primary schools in her area.
  • Ntate Gerard Mathot, who distributes books in local schools (Pre- and Primary) just outside Maseru, and in local clinics, in the Paballong Day-Care Centre, and in the Family Literacy and Arts Centre with the help of Ntate Octovious Pheku.
  • Ntate Pieter and his team at the Africa4Jesus mission in Thoteng, Malealea, who distributes books through his church in Thoteng and to a remote village where he has established a Pre-school.
  • Ntate Thato Pheelo of the Possible Dreams Foundation who works in the remote village Ha Sekants’i.
  • Ivan Yaholnitsky of the Bethel Business and Community Development Centre in Mount Moorosi.
  • Ntate Ts’epo Mohapi from Ha Machesetsa Pre-school.
  • Ntate Thejane from Tholoane Primary School.
  • Ntate Masilo and the Malealea Pony Trekking centre, for the horses that deliver books and other materials to our festivals.
  • Ntate Bokang, the Malealea Lodge manager, who loans us saddlebags for free.
  • ‘M’e Ponts’o, a local businesswoman, and ‘M’e Malineo, who assist with grocery shopping and food preparation for festivals.

Other Angels who have supported us with skills and services are:

  • ‘M’e Keila and the women’s sewing group at Africa4Jesus and their beautiful mask making.
  • Jon and his brilliant skills behind the camera.
  • Edi for his help with Paleng projects and fundraising.
  • Bo-‘m’e Thoko and Dineo from Jetline, our printers in Johannesburg, who have consistently delivered high quality books and posters for us in an exemplary professional manner.
  • Kevin and the team at KayHil Freight, who take consignments of books and other materials across the border into Lesotho and efficiently deliver them to people wherever they may be.

This dedicated team of Paleng Angels is our direct line to children, and they have helped us forge many links through which we are connecting books and the children who need them. This network, small but powerful, is Paleng’s lifeline.

Rea leboha haholo.