Book Creation

At Paleng we create bilingual picture storybooks specifically for children in rural communities. All of our books are written, illustrated, translated, and produced by our team. We give out our books for free and directly to children.

Currently we have 12 English/Sesotho-Lesotho titles and one Sesotho-Lesotho title (below). We have also developed a bilingual fold-out 1-10 number card for learning to count. Our stories are a mix of traditional tales, educational tales, and stories just for fun. Many of our books have been created with the help of children at the Paleng library. They conceptualise stories, help with illustrations, and give us their opinions of books in progress. Our stories are designed for different reading levels, but are predominantly aimed at children from Reception (5 years old) to Grade 3 (8-10 years old).

We are in the production phase of translating our existing titles for South African children into their mother tongues. We also always have new ideas for books up our sleeve, bearing in mind different cultural contexts and experiences.

Why are our books bilingual?

How do Paleng books reach rural children?

Our Books

Below are our existing titles and our number card. Click on each book cover for some more information and to see a two-page spread. Four of our titles have full copies available for download (the coronavirus book, M’e Maneo’s Pumpkin, Thoko’s Fanta Pine Seed, and Ball). Several of our books are also available on the African Storybook website where they have been translated into other African languages.

These books may not be used for commercial purposes and must be appropriately credited if reused.